Neha Dhupia on board of LimeRoad

Posted by Lakshmi Ramakrishna
May 29, 2014
Neha Dhupia, Style Director-001

Actor Neha Dhupia has joined, first social shopping platform, as Style Director. Neha, the twitter face of the Wills India Fashion Week (Mar 2014), has been a part of the LimeRoad Style Council since 2013 and now joins the core team to play a pivotal role as Style Director of India’s leading social shopping platform, building a strong community of women who love to play with products and style.

The community of Scrapbookers has become trail-blazers in India having posted 250,000+ unique style-led scrapbook looks. Women from across the country, 138 cities across 22 states are loving, creating and sharing looks, together with celeb bloggers such as Miss Malini. Gorgeous looks streaming on mobile screens, getting renewed every 30 seconds- this is the virtual shopping mall with endless mannequins, recreating the joy of window shopping.

The excitement and addictiveness of the LimeRoad community is palpable. Says Naushin, a student in Aligarh, “LimeRoad is my escape out of my small town. I never knew what was a Romper, before I started scrapbooking. I think now I am as much trend-aware as any other girl in the metro cities.”

As the LimeRoad Style Director, Neha will be responsible for sharing her own strong sense of style, and anchoring LimeRoad’s growing scrapbooking community into a space where fresh styles and trends come together to make product discovery for users an absolutely delight.

Suchi Mukherjee, Founder& CEO, LimeRoad, comments: “We love people with strong points of view and the hunger and drive to make big things happen. That’s what we look for in every team member. Neha embodies just that spirit and we are very delighted to have her play a much bigger role in developing our community. Our mission is to build the most delightful lifestyle discovery platform in India, and Neha will be working with us to make that happen.”

Neha in her new role as a business woman said, “I always wanted to build something of my own and LimeRoad is my idea of a breakthrough company. Exclusive products shown through beautiful user generated scrapbooks streaming live on mobile, is one of a kind concept in India. I want every girl/woman across the country to find a platform to express their own personal style and nothing around me allows them to do just that quite like LimeRoad. This new role gives me the opportunity to interact with the community on a more personal level and encourage them to express the creator in them.”

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