Foundation at its best!

Posted by Sneha Kadiri
May 28, 2014


Looking at the rate at which the beauty products and specially foundations are getting sold in the market, it doesn’t come as a surprise that people are trying to look their best for every occasion possible. Hence, there are a variety of foundations available with different ranges catering to different skin types. There are the powder foundations and the liquid foundations which are manufactured to give you that flawless second layer of skin. Whether you are a liquid lover or pro powder, we all want to know which is best for the skin- powder or liquid foundation?

Liquid foundation pros:

1. One of the biggest pros of liquid foundation is its easy in motion blemish-free magic. It can get to places powder can’t go, can’t cover, or can make oh-so noticeable, such as fine lines, wrinkles, pores, dry patches, etc. From a Matt finish to oil free, to combination, there is one that’ll provide you with the coverage you always have been craving for.


2. Just a little goes a long way! And it’s perfect for giving you a dose of lovely moisture on a cold day or if you have dry skin.


Liquid Foundation Cons:

  1. Your liquid foundation must match your skin tone exactly. Or else you get the dreaded demarcation lines or ‘tide marks’.  This is one of those liquid foundation cons that you can’t go wrong with.


  1. Another con is those pore-clogging no-good ingredients, such as mineral oils that are found in most liquid foundations.


Liquid Foundation Tip:

Remember to check the label before you invest in a liquid foundation. If you have spot-prone, oily, or sensitive skin look for brands which offer proper protection and also keep the usage to a bare minimum. Application can be done using finger tips, sponge or a nice foundation brush.


Powder Foundation Pros:

1. For oily or spot prone skin or on ridiculously hot day, it’s the oil-soaking saviour that also saves you from spots as it doesn’t creep into pores.

2. You don’t have to blend as much to get its beautifying magic. Plus, a fine dusting of powder over a liquid foundation can give more stay-put power.


Powder Foundation Cons:

The biggest con is the caked up look that you can’t avoid. Try to get more coverage, you’ll get more cakiness. Even if you go light, after a few hours on a hot day, you’ll see it’s either caked up or all washed off due to sweat. And when it comes to covering fine lines, wrinkles, dry patches, etc., powder foundation can sometimes settle into them, making them viciously visible.


Powder Foundation Tip:

To get more coverage without looking cake up is to opt for a mineral powder foundation. It’s finely milled magic will give you that non-settling sublime second skin. Application should be done using a nice think owder brush only to give the face full coverage.


So who won? The truth is when it comes to liquid vs. powder foundation; it’s about choosing the one that gives our skin type that photoshop-esque perfection. And the only real way to finding that out is to sample the products before buying it and checking the label of the brand of how much SPF protection it will also give.

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