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Top Guns

Well before Gagan Narang won his Olympic bronze, two Hyderabadi lads have been quietly participating and winning medals in shooting events across India and the...

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The Power of One

These immortal words by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow are the inspiration behind the story that follows. Channel 6 celebrates 22 years of serving the city by...


We are the Champions

The Olympics remain the most compelling search for excellence that exists in sport, and maybe in life itself.” These are the words of Dawn Fraser,...

Successful Team Work

A Mother is Born

Dawn’s early light creeps in through the windows. I glance up from the bathtub and welcome the morning. A few hours later, I am having...

Vasuki Sunkavalli

Terms of Detachment

Sometimes, the best of jobs can’t hold you back from the lure of the glamour world. Vasuki Sunkavalli quit a high profile job at the...


Healthy Birthing

Fernandez Hospital run by Dr Evita Fernandez and The Sanctum, Natural Birth Centre run by Dr Vijaya Krishnan and her husband Krishnan Sakotai practice natural...


A Mighty Heart

Mothers are often taken for granted, rarely thanked and yet, they continue to love their kids unconditionally. In a tribute to all mothers everywhere, Minal...


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TOP OF THE FOOD CHAIN: There is no love sincerer than the love of food wrote George Bernard Shaw. Perhaps the Ohris know this secret...


Dusshera Dhamaka

Dusshera Dhamaka Of Swirls, Twirls And Sparkles Cuts, colours, fabrics and textures… in short, fashions that define celebrations. Designers and fashionistas are gearing up to...


Infinite fascination of theatre

Broadway or West End are way out of our league but lately Hyderabad is keeping its theatre very much alive. Channel 6 takes a look...