Watch Puzzles Today

Posted by Lakshmi Ramakrishna
May 23, 2014

After the success of its inaugural play ‘Bruises fade.. pain lasts forever’ staged in early March, Vedaham Arts now presents ‘Puzzles’. The first chapter of ‘Puzzles’ is a regular hang out place in the vicinity. There is a blend of characters involving a science geek, experimenting on all the weird stuff and eventually on people around him; a theater artist who is always trying to flirt with girls but is unsuccessful because of his friends around; the news channel reporter who gets a modelling assignment, and a sensitive doctor, who is not able to find a right match to settle down.

Despite of all their prejudices in their personal lives, there is always someone; sorry; there is always everyone, who have to impose opinions and make decisions, for their friend in need; sorry; whether they need it or not. The link of events, sarcasm, hilarious advents, makes the play so interesting and connected that the audience will not be able to stop laughing. A Side Splitting Series, with emotion and drama and a definite One To Watch!

For passes – 9959092622

Dates: 23rd May & 30th May

Time: 7.30 – 8.30 PM

Venue: Lamakaan, off Road No. 1, Banjara Hills

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