Tree Huggers Club

Posted by Sneha Kadiri
April 18, 2014

THC is a community for like minded people,entrepreneurs who have given up the monotony of main stream work, to chase their passion by being brave and for those who start companies on talent and skill. They salute all the brave women and men who have had the might to step out of ordinary lives and comfortable lifestyles, to follow their dreams and implement them. At THC they are trying to do their bit for such passionate, young and driven entrepreneurs and establish a platform for them.A platform that will give them that little extra help and push to showcase their products and talents.

THC holds a monthly fair and affair.An all day bazaar on any one suitable day of the weekend in a month where such entrepreneurs exhibit their goods.A bazaar open to every age group. A family deal with live music by extremely talented young artists and bands who lack promotion and ears to listen to them perform.With corners of comfort to just relax and enjoy the environment, or take a pottery lesson with your little one who needs that wee bit of extra time with you. THC caters to not just entrepreneurs but to people who support such passion and zeal in others, for those who have never been given opportunities to go after their talents. FLEA af ‘FAIR’ will be a family affair. Stalls, food ,fun, live music, pottery, caricature, lounging area with free dose of passion and eccentricities.

Note for entrepreneurs :

If you are one to chase your dreams and make them come true, THC will help promote your product, and help cater to your passion in full.To exhibit your products and showcase your company and be a part of THC, all you have to do is contact they and buy your stall space.There is no profit sharing and no fine print. Like everyone of you, THC is a brain child of theirs and what they say is all there is to it.

Venue- Lamakaan

Date- 19th April

Time- 10 am to 5 pm


Supreeta Amancherla

+91- 8886016603


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