Treats at Westin Hyderabad

Posted by Sneha Kadiri
April 10, 2014
Easter Goodies
Fruity Wellness – Daily Treats
The Rough, Spiky Pine
An Anti inflammatory
Our fruit of the month does a great job not only for your palate, but also for your body.
Its a great immune booster and improves skin as well. Fresh pineapple and prune gateaux, pineapple jalousie, pineapple ham and tomato pie and more all this month.
A healthy and flavorful way to be well.
1st – 30th April
 Easter Goodies
Colorful & Bright Eggs Everywhere!
Rejoice its Easter! Celebrate this joyous season with their Easter Goodies.
Carrot cake, cream cheese frosting cake, assorted chocolate eggs, chocolate salami, hot cross buns and much more this Easter season at Westin Hyderabad.
For reservations Call 040 67676818
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