The wedding planners (Dec’11)

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January 3, 2012

Getting married takes takes several businesses, small and large, to get everything together for the big day. Enter the planners who are geniuses at multi-tasking, highly creative and can make a marriage a grand event. Channel 6 profiles a few of the leading ones in the city.

Sumalatha Chittineni
Sumalatha started learning the art and science of Ikebana. Her first project came when a close friend asked her to try her hand at flower arrangements for her housewarming party.
Whether it is a wedding or a birthday, Sumalatha has taken event planning to another level. “My focus is on flowers,” she says. She creates extravagant and enticing venues and uses flowers from all over the world, but tries hard to use indigenous flowers wherever possible.
Her warmth and ability to understand the client’s needs have made her a popular planner. “Whether it is a wedding or a baby shower, I become a part of the family I am doing the event for,” says Sumalatha. She is comfortable working with all kinds of budgets.
The list of her celebrity clientele includes G. V. Krishna Reddy’s granddaughter Mallika’s wedding, Junior NTR and Allu Arjun’s engagement, pharmaceutical giant Hetero’s Vamsi and Anvidha Reddy’s wedding etc.
For further details, contact Sumalatha at;
98484 10190;
By Vishruti Vinay

Archie Paranji
This lecturer turned wedding planner   loves what she does. “I am a very social person and I love to go out.” Archie, who is extremely well known in the city’s social circles is a whiz at multi-tasking. She can put together a wedding and take care of the decor, the entertainment and everything else in 10 days if necessary.
She says, “I only started six years ago when I organised the anniversary party for a magazine. After that I was flooded with offers and since I have also done a course in interior design, décor became my forte. My company, Archie Paranji Designs, takes care of all aspects of planning a wedding. From the décor to the transport, accomodation, entertainment, venue etc., we can do it. For food, we recommend people who can deliver what the client needs.”
Archie has done the planning for a lot of families in the city, including the one that owns Andhra Sugars. She also organises weddings and other events like birthday parties or anniversaries in places  such as Vijaywada or Bellary.  She says, “In India, a client is not just the bride or the groom. The whole family is a client because they all have ideas to contribute. It is creatively challenging to satisfy them all.”  Archie can be contacted at
By Minal Khona


Dinaz Noria
One of the best known wedding planners in the city, Dinaz’s company, 3D – Design and Décor by Dinaz, can  decorate a wedding mandap, do up a sangeet hall and glam up the reception venue with flowers, crystals, candles and other props.
Says Dinaz, “We look after the whole look of the wedding, starting with invitation cards, return gifts and the styling etc. The one thing we don’t do is the food.”
Dinaz, who is an avid traveller, takes pictures of anything that catches her fancy. From a pattern on a wrought iron gate to a flower arrangement or a window curtain — she is inspired by interesting and unusual visuals — which she then recreates within the milieu of the Indian wedding.
Some of the themes that Dinaz has worked with include the Raja Ravi Varma paintings, Avatar the film, invitations with the Harry Potter invisible ink gimmick etc. She adds, “People are experimenting with the entertainment and you now have stars performing, kathak dancers, fire eaters etc. There is so much thought going into the invitation card as well.” Dinaz gets into the planning of a wedding at least three months in advance. Celebrity clients include the GVK family, Vani Subhas etc.  Dinaz can be contacted at Tel: 2775 1814; email:
By Minal Khona

Priyanka Ganeriwal
“A wedding planner must be like the eyes and ears of the couple,” feels Priyanka Ganeriwal. She has been in the business for the past 10 years now and her company, Weddings and More has 150 weddings to its credit. “Anything which requires a new idea, we get into it!” says Priyanka.
She adds, “People have started recognising that there are few good venues. So, they have become very particular about the things like décor. I have worked on themes like the galaxy where the sangeet had a crystal theme. The marriage theme was the sun where the entire décor had different shades of the sun in it.”
Priyanka likes to work with simple themes for the décor. She recalls, “I remember working on this wedding in a beautiful farmhouse. There were only a few guests at the wedding. We set up an artificial pond in the mandap and lit it up with small diyas. It was the simplicity of everything which made it so beautiful.”
She works with a minimum budget of one lakh or so and her company has a non-disclosure agreement with her clients, due to which she does not reveal celebrities she has
worked with.
Priyanka can be contacted at
By Lipi Bharadwaj

Lalitha Prasad and Meenakshi
Lalitha Prasad and Meenakshi, who have been doing the décor at weddings since 1995, have an inimitable style of their own. Making use of arts, crafts and flowers their decorations are as elegant, ethnic, exclusive and traditional too. Their decorations have exquisite backdrops, doorways and flower arrangements which are popular even in today’s modern themes.
They use crafts and natural materials extensively. From Kalamkari, Madhubani and Pichwai to Tanjore and Cheriyal paintings; leather and Rajasthani puppets, to Narsapur lace, Ettikopaka toys, date palm craft, lambada work and Rajasthani mirror work are used in interesting ways. Banana stems, flowers of various kinds (exotic and normal ones like jasmine, rose etc.) are interspersed attractively between the paintings, lamps and other art objects or by themselves too.
When it comes to themes they stick to traditional ones. “We have access to craftsmen through the Crafts Council of Andhra Pradesh. So we constantly look for ways to give them work and expose their crafts,” they say. The themes/colour schemes are based on the clients’ requirements and they work with all budgets.
Most of the time the materials are sourced locally barring the flowers which are sourced from Coimbatore (jasmine, lotus, coxcomb), Bengaluru and Mumbai (for lilies, orchids etc). “Once we got a Benaras ficus tree woven as a backdrop for which we went to Benaras to get it done,” says Meenakshi.
By Radhika Rajamani

Carnation Weddings
This company specialises in all aspects of wedding planning with one additional feature. Anil, the creative director, describes his store as an “exclusive Christian wedding mall.” The store houses readymade imported gowns and veils for brides-to-be. The prices range from Rs 5000 to Rs 25,000. The focus on brides is because “they find it difficult to source or even custom make gowns in the city,” elaborates Anil. Accessories like corsages and tiaras are available as well. The services offered also include a professional photographer and a disc jockey.

For more information contact: Carnations Weddings, 9-1-88, 24 S.D. Rd, Secunderabad 560003.
Tel: 66331301, 93911 51301, Email:
By Kanika Samra

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