Tanikella Bharani launches Okkavotu

Posted by Lakshmi Ramakrishna
April 18, 2014
Tanikella Bharani, Film Actor seen launching Okkavotu Audio Album brought out by Yoga Venkatesh who worked as Assistant Director in Tollywood

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What can one do?  In fact much can be done by one.  Mahatma Gandhi did it.  Mother Theresa did it.  Vivekananda, Gautama Buddha and so many individually did many wonders.  None of these great people ever said they were alone.  History is never created by masses.  It is always created by individuals.  Voters too can do wonders with their one vote.  Their one vote is invaluable.  It is not a commodity for sale.  Let us not be so casual about our vote. Go and vote without fail on polling day.

Inspired by Poojya Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji of Art of Living, 35-year-old Yoga Venkatesh, an Assistant Director for films like Dhoni Directed by Prakash Raj and Midhunam by Tanikella Bharani, actually wanted to direct a feature film on various aspects of elections and release the same around this time.  Accordingly he developed a script and has been working hard on the same for the past six months.  But due short of resources and sufficient time he had to shelve the film and idea and instead produced an audio album in Telugu  “Okkavotu” with the financial support of Like Minded People. Hence, he named the company which produced Okkavotu, Audio Album as “Like Minded People”

It is a public service—Voter Awareness initiative to encourage Voting in this general elections, declared Yoga Venkatesh speaking at the launch of the audio album by veteran film star Tanikella Bharani. It is an audio album of six Telugu songs inspiring electorate to go to polling booths to vote in this  general elections.

The lyrics penned by Tanikella Shankar and Shriram Itte goes like this: okka votu, Made in India……, Ting ting voting……., Ennenno bhandulu……, Padandi podam polling boothuki……, Otu veyandi naaku.

Yashwanth Nag of (Neeku naku dash Film) fame provided music and sung a song.  …….  It is release through Madhura Audio online (Youtube/madhuraentertainment)

This is a collective initiative of many ‘Like Minded People. ’This is not a commercial Audio Album and is meant for Free Distribution only, Yoga Venkatesh announced.  He worked on this Album for six months.  Right now he got 2000 CDs made, which he would like to distribute across the state.

He has also made available on the social media sites (facebook/okkavotu,Youtube/okkavotu) which public can download, forward and inform their friends, make electorate listen to their songs.  The contestants are free to use them in their campaigns, Venkatesh informed.

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