Sidney Sheldon – If Tomorrow Comes

Posted by Saloni Nagpaul
May 16, 2013
if tomorrow-comes

if tomorrow-comes

If Tomorrow Comes was the book that started my love affair with Sidney Sheldon in my early teens and made me track down all his books and even though I didn’t love all his books, I accept the fact that he was a master storyteller.

Tracy Whitney of If tomorrow comes forever remains etched in my memory as one memorable protagonist. Why? The reasons are several. Tracy is framed for a crime she did not commit, her dreams of motherhood and a happy ending taken away but does she let that stop her. She does not; we see her triumph over her enemies and take revenge with a vengeance. The scenes in the prison are brutal and Sidney Sheldon has never shied away from being coarse and graphic and this book is no less.

We see Tracy transformed over the course of the book and change from a woman untouched by violence to one in control of her destiny. The book especially after the revenge agenda is done reminds me of the Yash Raj movie Bunty aur Bubli as we see Tracy as a professional thief and then the charming Jeff Stevens makes an appearance and manages to win over the heart of Tracy and even the reader.

This book is Sidney Sheldon at his best and is a page-turner and one that still remains on my favorite’s  shelf along with Sheldon’s Rage of Angels and Windmills of the Gods.

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