Sacred Chakras

Posted by Lakshmi Ramakrishna
April 15, 2014

Aparna Sairam’s photo exhibition titled Enabling Colours of the Sacred Chakras

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was inaugurated by Rajita Singh, Head of H.R, Broadridge Financial Solutions (India) Private Limited at Ailamma Art Gallery, Sundaraya Vignana Kendram, Baghlingampally recently.
Explaining about the theme of the exhibition, the photographer says: “The seven energy points in the body known as Chakras exude seven colours. In this sense the colours of the rainbow and all things that we see, are within and so the element of Colour is an exceptional conduit, a phenomenon that connects us with the Universal consciousness of being able to resonate and respond through elevating activities.
Aparna Sairam celebrates her own response to this awareness in her photography.”
Aparna says: “Photography to me has been a means of capturing life’s most joyful and memorable moments, nature’s most beautiful creations in a spirit of timelessness. This joy is immense and liberating to my soul and channelizes my energies into invigorating avenues of art, recreation and communication.”
In deciding the subject for live projects, Aparna says: “I responded to my own impulses, in this sense intuition have been pivotal to the entire series; anything that would typically capture my imagination.  I realize that landscape, natural features, street shows, the mundane life, nature’s creations; moments of togetherness with the family too added characteristic gravity to my pursuits and transformed ordinary events into pulsating memories.
A multitude of dimensions and elements of Photography that the onset of the digital age presents is something I am still trying to grapple and come to terms with; the various hues, colours, textures, multimedia, variants, effects, sound bites open an avalanche of possibilities.”
Earlier Aparna has created photo books and scrapbooks as part of her artistic engagement with photography, the images grew to be a large collection of memoirs in the last four years. Presently she is working on a Coffee table book – Inspiring glimpses for Indian Infrastructure Renaissance.
On view till April 30, 2014.
Timings 12 noon to 8 pm.

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