Rock and Roll!

Posted by Sneha Kadiri
May 5, 2014

This May 2014, Goethe-Zentrum have more reasons lined up for you to step outside and liven up your summer break. World Music Day 2014 invites all bands of all genres to showcase what they got in the auditions at Alliance Française of Hyderabad!

If you are into Heavy Metal, then headbang your way to Mosh Pit as Metal Band Suidarka from Germany descends upon Hyderabad. For all those who think they “know Germany in and out”, it‘s time you put your knowledge to the test – in the ultimate Germany edition of the K-Circle Quiz. And in case you are feeling too worked up, there is an awesome collection of German movies being screened in their program hall.

Contact- Merle Plachta

For Dates and Timings visit their Facebook page-

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