River God – Book review

Posted by Rebecca Vargese
May 10, 2013


River godThe book River God by Wilbur Smith is part of a series of novels set in Egypt. The series is set in Egypt and ranges from periods of ancient times to that of modern day. River God is the first book of the Egyptian series and is set in ancient day Egypt – the days of the Pharaoh.

The Story is narrated by a young eunuch slave Taita whose masculinity was forcefully taken away from him by his master the Vizier. The story revolves around the themes of love, revenge, hatred and honour. Taita battles between his love for his mistress Lostris and his friendship for Tanus, Lostris’s lover.

Will Lostris ever be free from her father? Will Taita ever be free? Will Tanus ever regain his father’s lost kingdom and marry Pharaoh’s wife?

Wilbur Smith runs into obscure language and is challenging at times but the book is an attention grabber. 600 pages may seem like a lot but it is definitely worth the read.

Calling out to all the ancient Egyptian mythology and folk lore fans out there!

Books of the Egyptian series:

  • River God
  • The Seventh Scroll
  • Warlock
  • The Quest

One Response to “River God – Book review”

  • Rajib Ghosh

    Although it’s a pretty old book, reading it still transports you to a different world.

    I remember reading it cover-to-cover. At times, I wanted to throw it away; unable to put up with Taita’s self-bostering and then continuing; reveling in the success of Taita’s protege.

    A great read for those who like historical fiction.

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