To Photoshop or Not To Photoshop

Posted by Maya Nelluri
May 8, 2014

Ann-Taylor-photoshop-01 photoshop-1

Body image issues in women and girls of all ages are common today, largely due to the way female bodies are presented in the media. Regardless of the topic in discussion, the media finds that super skinny, ultra flawless and essentially inhuman standards of looks is what sells. As such, everyone is photoshoped to perfection – crystal clear skin, impossibly thin or toned bodies and zero fat are the norm if you take a look at any publication. While on the surface this just looks like pretty pictures, they bring with them issues galore. Firstly, these standards are next to impossible to achieve, leaving the viewers forever feeling that they are imperfect. This often leads to psychological disorders like depression and eating disorders like anorexia, bulimia and worse even death.

While earlier it was just the makeup, hair, costumes and photographers that could aide in making the model look extraordinary, now with the introduction of photoshop, any sense of reality has been lost. It is time that the use of photoshop and the ethical obligations the media has towards its audience’s welfare be reconsidered.

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