Ordinary people with extraordinary achievements

Innominds Software, US-headquartered with engineering innovation centers in Hyderabad and Bangalore and a leading provider of outsourced software product engineering held an annual event, Innofest here in Hyderabad recently.The Innofest marks fifteen long years of its journey in the business focusing on the product engineering services.


To mark and celebrate the same it invited two guest speakers:

  • Arunima Sinha, world’s first women amputee to climb Mount Everest and
  • Mallesham Chintakindi,a school dropout who invented the Laxmi Asu Machine for his mother which subsequently.


They both addressed the 400 plus gathering of the company and spoke to them about their journey conquering heights against enormously stiff challenges. “Those stories truly motivated our employees as they collaborate and move forward to scale new heights,” informed Lakshmi Achanta, Vice President of HR, of Innominds.
Undeterred by being amputated(for being pushed out of train by thieves wanting to snatch her bag and gold chain), Arunima Sinha, a former national volleyball and football player went on to create a history by climbing Mount Everest. And has become inspirational to many.
In weaving of Silk Sarees in Pochampally tradition, the silk thread has to be spread on a pattern for subsequent drawing of designs and thereafter for tyeing and dyeing. The process of asu is conventionally done manually. To do this the ladies of weaver families take almost 4 laborious hours for one saree. In a day a lady could only do for two sarees which takes away ten hours of day light and a severe pain in the shoulder as she had to take the thread around studs for 9000 times over a length of one meter. Mallesham was concerned about his mother’s pain. He was determined to find a solution. He thought of automating the asu process. Though it took 3 years to develop the device, it mitigated lot of pain. Many ridiculed him, laughted at him. He was determined and worked as a daily wage earner in Hyderabad to earn money for developing his idea. He redesigned the machine with electronic subassemblies but maintained the same price for the last five years. Mallesham sold almost 300 machines so far, and the demand is for almost 10000 more.
Outbound, Cultural programmes were conducted. Where importance of team activity and innovations were taught. Strar Performers of the company were recognised with cash awards. On the occasion, the company launched its business lines and vision to its employees. Divakar Tantravahi, Chairman and CEO of the company stressed on the vision of becoming a GO-TO product engineering company that helps product companies and enterprises across all stages of the product life cycle from Ideation, Version 1.0 to Commercialisation with Agility, Flexibility and The company presently has 600 employees, planned to increase its strength.