‘Music for the Soul’

Posted by Ajuli Tulsyan
December 3, 2013
Pandit Jasraj honoring the Wadali Brothers at Idea Jalsa Concert, Hyderabad

An evening filled with scintillating and mesmerizing performances by Omakar Dadarkar and Wadali Brothers at Chowmahalla Palace was very much appreciated by the audience. The 8th year of Idea Jalsa ‘Music for the Soul’ has given the city of Hyderabad a rich treat of classical music that will always linger in the heart of the listeners who came together for this spectacular performance.

Idea Jalsa ‘Music for the Soul’ in its 7 years journey have grown across all mediums – Television programming on DD and Zee TV and has covered 165 countries worldwide on Zee TV International, FM Radio programming, In-flight Entertainment programming, CDs, Live Concerts in more than 60 cities, and others.

The brand Idea Jalsa has showcase over 7,000 musicians featuring over 88 genres of Indian Music, making every tour of Jalsa a unique experience that can neither be forgotten nor replicated.

It has revolutionized the Performing Art spaces, i.e. presentation on stage, styling of clothes, conversing with audiences and getting informal with them, etc. that has become the X factor of the Idea Jalsa experience. The use of technology, i.e. large LED walls, to enhance the overall appeal of the show to give a visual treat to the audience is yet another aspect in which it is a trend setter.


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