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Posted by Lakshmi Ramakrishna
August 17, 2013

Aditya Hometel is organising “Malabar food festival” from 15th to 25th August, 2013 during lunch and dinner at “Flavours” Restaurant. The specially designed Food Festival offers an array of mouth watering Malabar delicacies. The Malabar food festival promises to provide everyone an opportunity to enjoy the cuisine which is rich in tradition and taste. From the secrets of a Traditional Cuisine comes a selection of mouth watering recipes cooked in an authentic hue with a rich selection of ingredients that have kept the Malabar delights one of the most sought after cuisines in India. The special menu of “Malabar Food Festival” comes with a ethnic recipes such as Appam, Paratha, Puttu, Traditional Malabari Rice, Chemmen thakkali charu, Pathiri, appam, Koonthal ularthiyathu, Chemmeen, neyyappam, Ayala porichathu, Kallumekai ularthu, Kinnathappam, etc.

The team of Chefs under the Master Chef Shankar Narayanan will demonstrate their unique culinary expertise in full view of all our diners at the heart of our restaurant. Sweet treats will be of traditional Malabari Desserts, like Sukhian, Ariunda, Kinnathappam, etc. The taste and flavor of the food will surely bring back the sweet memories of the typical Malabar delights.

Speaking on the occasion Sriram General Manager, Aditya Hometel Hyderabad, said: “We at Aditya Hometel have organised a special Malabar food festival for the Hyderabadi to enjoy the taste and flavours of Malabar cuisine. It’s one of the most sought after cuisines in India. During the festival one can taste all the different varieties of dishes which are especially made in the traditional format. Our guests have always appreciated the food and we are sure that the Malabar Food Festival will give them a great experience”

For reservations and more details contact: +91 40 6630 8888 / +91 92461 03331

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