Sutradhar’s Mah Laqa Bai Chanda, a solo performance in URDU

Posted by Lakshmi Ramakrishna
August 6, 2013

Sutradhar presents MAH LAQA BAI CHANDA – A solo performance in URDU
Date and Time: Aug 11th, 7pm
Written by: Dr Oudhesh Rani Bawa
Enacted by: Ratika Sant Keswani
Directed by: Vinay Varma


Mah Laqa Bai Chanda was an 18th century Urdu poet and the first woman to have a diwan (anthology) of her work. A multi-faceted personality renowned for her multi-lingual skills, mellifluous voice and dancing, she was also an accomplished archer and horse woman. Known to be brave, she participated in all the three wars fought by Nizam Ali Khan, Asaf Jah the II. The Nizam conferred upon her the title of Mah Laqa — meaning ‘Visage of the Moon’ along with the jagir or estate of Adikmet and other honours.

Mah Laqa Bai Chanda was a powerful woman in the court of the second and third Nizams of Hyderabad as she was frequently consulted by the rulers on policy matters. She was admitted into the omrah, the elite nobility and was the only woman to have been awarded this status.

Mah Laqa Bai Chanda was a socially conscious and enlightened woman, a philanthropist, who returned her debt to society by establishing a residential institution to provide less privileged girls with educational opportunities and impart cultural training to them – a concept very unique for those times.

This theatrical performance is a first of its kind on the legendary woman and is intended to bring to life Hyderabad’s most famous woman and acknowledge her immense contribution to Hyderabad’s rich legacy.

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