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May 14, 2014
Kavya with her painting

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Every year Mother’s Day is celebrated around the world with lot of enthusiasm and love as Mothers are considered the creators of all humankind.  Maa Tujhe Salaam, an endeavour by Poonam Kumar, Director, Priceless Possessions & Archana Singh, Art Therapist & Founder of  Swaha Bhaavh  – disability with ability(not for profit organisation) to felicitate mothers of Persons with Disability (PWD) to support them in achieving Economic Sustainability, took place at Mauritius High Commission on May 10, 2014.
“The initiative is all about honoring the Mothers of PWD’s, for the great amount of hardship they go through to bring up their children and help them become independent.  On this Mother’s Day, we tried to put forth towards the  society, how the Creative Arts can be a means to help these individuals in their physical & mental development as well as help them earn their livelihood. This event sends a message to Society at large, to include PWDs in various work areas, give them employment and help stand their own feet”, says Poonam Kumar.
And what other day than “Mother’s Day” as its only a mother who can selflessly dedicate her entire being towards the betterment and happiness of her children, adds Kumar.
“On May 10th at the Mauritius High Commission, the  duo of PWD and their Moms engaged in Expressive Art Therapy –  be it music drama, movement or visual arts. It is believed that the process of creating any form of art is therapeutic. We had more than 20 PWD’s and their mothers – where we gave them 2 hours to create any kind of art work of their choice by the material which most appeals to them,” says Archana Singh.
Lots is being talked about in the sector of Inclusion for differently – abled children in schools, but what after that? There is an enormous vacuum in the area of providing some sort of economic sustainability for such people. Their disabilities are highlighted and their abilities are brushed under the carpet, despite the so-called 3% reservation that the government has provided towards employment of PwD. If the above is true, then why is it that we rarely find any PwD in any of the different private or public sector workplaces? Its time we change this ignorant attitude of ours and implement laws stringently. Swaha Bhaavh – with its tagline being “disability with ability” is now on a crusade towards shifting mindsets of employers, adds Singh.
Eminent personalities on the occasion included artist Shobha Broota, Rashmi Khurana, designers Pawan Sachdeva, Ratna Jain, Rimple Narula, Entrepreneur Shalini Chauhan, Socialite Sona Goyal, and many others.

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