Posted by Lakshmi Ramakrishna
May 4, 2013

Aditi Gemini, young, vivacious artist is a BFA from Rajasthan School of Arts, Jaipur. Art being an inheritance, she has turned her interest to a serious singular pursuit in life.
The Bells series of works, delves into the deep rooted religious psyche of the Indian mind and belief system. The sound forms a musical note which resonates and performs a task of either evoking a reaction in the worshipper of calm or an emotion in tune with an invocation of the divine. The emotions of ‘bhakti’ (devotion),  ‘pooja’ (prayer) and  ‘paath’ (chanting of mantras), constitute the processes worship of a deity.  In Gemini’s works, the bells and their structures are focused upon in great detail and with a complete mastery of the subject. The artist tries to involve the viewer and appeal to their spiritual side with these depictions. Painted in a realistic style, the imagery is resplendent with textures and rich impasto-esque relief work.
Gemini took the theme of the Bells further and explored the Sadhus (sages) and the Conch themes as well. Each of these subjects provoke a humane response from the viewer, not just in the vibrant and colourful visual imagery and textured pictorial surfaces of her work, but also in her thought processes. The grunge like textures on the objects, and the compositions of the bells of a temple perhaps, remind one of some forgotten memory of pilgrimages taken in childhood.
The essence of Gemini’s works behind all the warm vibrancy and simplicity, is the calm spirituality and religiousness unraveled through them. Gemini attempts to become one with the universe, with her art. He creativity gels and blends with the Almighty and purity of the divine through her works.
You are invited for the exclusive art event

The exhibition is on till 18th May.

Curator : Kaali Sudheer
Venue : Muse Art Gallery, Hotel Marriott

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