Jewel of Nizam

Posted by Lakshmi Ramakrishna
February 14, 2013

Ghizaayat , Itminaan, and Shahi Dastarkhan are the key words associated with Hyderabadi cuisine…… Jewel of Nizam celebrates the era of the Nizams who gave Hyderabad its unique character.Ghizaayat- food cooked with Itminaan-Patience and served at the Shahi Dastarkhan- the dining place regarded with great reverence among the Nizams.

Jewel of Nizam is celebrating its second Anniversary of thrilling The Hyderabadi’s taste buds…. This time with a spread ranging from the Iranian, Turkish, DumPukht , Awadhi, and Hyderabadi cuisines. We bring to you 4 centuries history behind The Hyderabadi cuisine, and the influences by Turkish, Iranian, Afghan and Awadhs, and its harmonic Confluence into the Hyderabadi cuisine and evolvement into one of the finest in the world. Master Chef Mujeebar Rehman from Awadh kitchenette with his team of Chefs will be presenting array of dishes from his repertoire to gastronomes.

Hyderabadi cuisine is a princely legacy of the Nizams of Hyderabad, India. The city was founded by the Sultans of Golconda, which has developed its own cuisine over the centuries. It is heavily influenced by Turkish (Biryani), Arabic (Haleem), Mughlai and Tandoori, with considerable influence of the spices and herbs of the native Telugu and Marathwada cuisine. Hyderabadi cuisine has a 400-year history legacy.

Hyderabadi cuisine is seen in the former Hyderabad State that includes Andhra Pradesh, Marathwada region (now in Maharashtra), and Hyderabad Karnataka region (now in Karnataka). The cuisine also contains city specific specialties like Hyderabad (Hyderabadi Biryani) and Aurangabad (Naan Qalia), Gulbarga (Tahari), Bidar(Kalyani Biryani) etc. The key difference from the North Indian cuisine is the presence of dry coconut and tamarind in its cuisine.

Your Khansamas at the Jewel of Nizam await your esteemed presence…..a destination for authenticity, the final stop to savour Nizami culture, brings to you a festival of food & etiquette that is unparallel

It’s a journey you need to experience !!!

Festival Duration : 8th February – 17th February

Restaurant : Jewel Of Nizam, Golkonda Hotels

Master Chef : Chef Mujeebar Rehman & Awadh kitchenette

Cuisines : Iranian, Turkish, Hyderabadi, Mughlai & Dum pukht

Concept for Festival : Ala Carte Lunch / Dinner – Buffet

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