Jessica Wolff sways the city

Posted by Shreya Baldwa
December 20, 2013
Jessica in action

Music lovers in the city were in for a treat. The Finnish singer Jessica Wolff was in the city as a part of her ‘Renegade Tour’ and gave the music lovers a perfect blend of the old rock music and pop music at Hard Rock Cafe. Jessica is the latest one to enter the Rock Music genre.

The tour is a follow up to her upcoming debut album release ‘Renegade’ in India. After the successful tours in Japan and it was the time for the Indian audiences to sway on her music. Jessica is a multi talented person as she juggles between writing lyrics, performing Kung Fu, acting, doing stunt work to playing other sports. Trained as a classical singer in the initial stages of life, Jessica found her way into Pop and old Rock music a few years later.

The India Tour is a result of Jessica bumping into a Time Group representative while watching a band’s performance at an Irish Pub in France. Jessica is known to be an adventure freak and her high energy levels are seen in her songs. Her music has a taste of both catchy melodies and thought provoking lyrics. Her videos are also high on adrenaline with the right amount of high guitar music.

Jessica and her band members seemed to hit the pulse of the audience. The audience was enthralled and could be seen enjoying and swaying to the electric live and highly energetic performance by the adrenaline junkie. Rock fans seemed to be completely oblivion to the world and were completely mesmerised by the singer. Hard Rock Café seemed to be on fire with the singer and this was definitely a treat to all the good old Rock and Pop music lovers and an instant hit.


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