Innovate Happily

Posted by Channel 6
May 17, 2012

Much awaited book from Rekha Shetty bestselling author of Innovate! and The Happiness Quotient. Why should people be happy? How is the pursuit of happiness relevant to the corporate world?
Studies show that happy people are the most innovative, and more productive. The Happiness Quotient is therefore integral to a successful corporate strategy.
In Innovate Happily, bestselling innovation guru Rekha Shetty’s new book, Junie, a bright young executive, meets Rags, a wise, hi-tech coach. Together they discover the secrets that create progressive and happy communities during a visit to Bhutan, the modern-day Shangri-La, a land that actually measures its Gross National Happiness.
Through a series of analytical and self-actualization exercises, Innovate Happily shows you how to innovatively increase your Happiness Quotient and take it to your own town and organization.

Published by Penguin, the book is priced @ Rs 199.

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