“Healthy Children, Happy Children”

Posted by Shreya Baldwa
November 20, 2013
Farah Hussain along with school children at the launch

In this fast-paced world, where every body is in a rush to complete things and is action driven, health is slowly taking a setback. It’s high time that people start realizing the importance of health and taking a step forward in this direction, Sanofi India Limited joined hands with PVR Nest (the social program and registered foundation of India’s largest film entertainment company PVR Limited) for its ‘Healthy children, Happy children’ initiative.

Sanofi, a leader in global health care and PVR, India’s largest film Exhibition Company, joined hands to launch India’s largest student-led campaign on children’s health. The largest in its outreach and scope so far, the program titled CineArt ‘Healthy children, Happy children’ will bring together leading Indian pediatricians, with NGOs and artists in the field of creative learning, to mentor 2,00,000 school children from 200 schools (an equal mix between Public/Privately held schools and NGO/ Community schools) in 4 cities—Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Mumbai, on vital aspects of children’s health.

The program opened with an original children’s theatre production on health, and also saw the launch of a special campaign film featuring children, to drive home the message of health. The launch event at Hyderabad was attended by leading Hyderabad pediatricians, school founders & students of the 50 participating schools, and graced by Balaji Kumar, eminent artist, photographer, visual designer, writer, director and producer as the Chief Guest. Special Guests and speakers also included Dr. R C Mathur, Consultant Pediatrician- Aditya Hospital Hyderabad and Editor of Pediatrics Today, and Farah Hussain, Sanofi Pasteur Femina Miss Beauty for Health 2012.

Speaking at the launch event in Hyderabad, Dr. Stephan Barth, Country Head – Sanofi Pasteur India, Sri Lanka & Nepal stated, “Through our new ‘Healthy children, happy children’ initiative, we aim to diversify and adapt our healthcare offer to young Indian patients, with innovative products, services and awareness initiatives.” Talking about this initiative, Deepa Menon, Vice President- Corporate Social Responsibility, PVR Nest said, “As a film exhibition company, we will provide the best possible outreach to the original films the students will make during this campaign, through our presence in 37 cities country wide”.

By utilizing non-authoritarian and creative techniques in schools using art and cinema, the program endeavors to make children’s health education real, innovative and participatory. 600 health workshops using experiential learning methodologies like puppetry, theater, storytelling and capacity building exercises, will be tapped to sensitize children on relevant health topics like hygiene, environment, play and exercise, disability and discrimination, vaccination, ergonomics, among others.

One of the significant outcomes of this year-long creative and collaborative educational program on child health will be the formation of around 200 ‘Healthy children, Happy children’ School Clubs. The clubs will have an outreach within schools, as well as to parents and communities outside, to sustain health education and awareness using posters, drawings, skits and plays. The best creative entries will be published in the first ever original children’s publication on Health.

Another key achievement of the program is the film making process wherein eminent film makers will be training selected students from shortlisted schools, to make original health films. The three best health films would be proudly screened by PVR cinemas across the country for six months to reach millions of movie goers with key messages on children’s health.

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