French film – In Mom’s Head

Posted by Lakshmi Ramakrishna
May 22, 2014
French Film

Alliance Francaise is screening French director Carine Tardieu’s La tete de maman (In Mom’s Head). The 2007 French movie will be screened with English subtitles.
La tete de maman: A gentle and evocative coming of age story. La tete de maman is about Lulu, an adolscent girl whose mother sits perpetually on the brink of illness and radiates unhappiness. One day, the girl stumbles on a Super 8 film in which she discovers her mother, at the age of 20, in the arms of some strange man, as happy and radiant as she has ever seen her. Lulu makes up her mind to go find him and bring him back, in the hope that her mother will regain a taste for life.
Date: Friday 30th May
Time: 7 PM
Venue: L V Prasad Preview Theatre, Road 2, Banjara Hills (Opp. Cinemax).
Entry: Free
Tel: 23554486

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