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May 24, 2012

The first genuine police procedural in Indian crime fiction!

The first desi police procedural

Dashing DSP Bikram Chatterjee of the West Bengal Police hates his boss, the boorish SP Toofan Kumar. And he knows his boss especially resents his affair with screen goddess Shona Chowdhury—it’s a rank thing. Bikram is keenly aware of the two distinct worlds he inhabits: the posh circles of Toofan and Shona—a world he instinctively distrusts—and the grimy world of crime with which he is familiar, even comfortable.

Then Robi Bose, former darling of Calcutta’s Page 3, is found dead with bloody froth on his lips and Bikram is given the task of investigating this high-profile death in double-quick time. This, in addition to all his other duties—cultivating informers, breaking up drug-smuggling rackets on the Indo–Bangladesh border and providing security for occasionally violent football matches. And as the investigation draws him in, Bikram finds his two worlds colliding in unexpected ways.

Gripping, gritty and one hundred per cent honest, F.I.R. inaugurates the DSP Bikram series—the first desi police procedural.
Author: Monabi Mitra

Publisher: Penguin

Price: Rs 199


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