Western Cuisine

Posted by Channel 6
May 14, 2012

Ohri’s, one of the leading hospitality chains of South India, recently launched Ruci & Idoni as an exclusive Western Specialty Cuisine Bistro on Road No. 10, Banjara Hills. Ruci & Idoni is themed with an aim of giving the guests a larger than life western dining experience through the ambience, range of food and beverages and their presentation. Tablet Menu is one such offering at the Bistro which makes the experience even more special and interesting as for the guests they can browse through the whole menu on a touch screen with a detailed description and an illustrative picture of each dish.
The menu at Bistro includes a tantalizing range of delicacies and an array of beverages from the kitchens of America, Germany, Italy and France served in king-size portions. The exotic delights on the menu have been decided very meticulously, where the guests can choose from a range of appetizing starters that are uniquely presented such as soup in a bun, lamb chop cutlet and so on. The main course array includes interesting vegetarian dishes like Greek aubergine moussaka, Gnocchi pasta and Cajun grilled river sole, half roast spring chicken, shrimp rigatoni, mushroom and chicken canelloni in the non-vegetarian spread and side dishes like potato mash with garlic and cheese (veg).
The beverage and dessert menu includes an exquisite range of teas and coffees, rich and creamy shakes and sinful sweet dishes. The range of milkshakes and cold coffees are served in huge glasses with a unique rich and creamy texture garnished with loads of whipped cream. The Bistro also has on offer the most interesting range of healthy Ice teas, lemonade and exquisite range of garnishing that Ohri’s Ruci & Idoni has to offer. The highlight of the desert menu are the signature delights of Ohri’s such as Awful Awful, legacy of floating Titanic and a larger than life serving of Towering Vertigo.
The Bistro is open between 11 am to 11 pm.

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