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June 5, 2012
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He doesn’t tweet and he is not on Facebook. A simple notebook where one can scribble their ideas or thoughts is his company’s first product, with plans for many more. Meet Abinav Reddy, a 28-year-old whose creation makes you appreciate the simple things in life. He tells Channel 6 in his own words, what made in Hyd is all about.

Technology is truly amazing, but sometimes things were just meant to be simple. For people who are instantly struck with inspiration that must be recorded with great urgency — powering a device, entering passwords, and hoping that the screen does not go back to black — can be the difference between another great idea and pure drivel. Besides, ideas are like thunderbolts — they don’t strike the same place twice. And if not written down, they are lost forever. That’s what triggered the thought of coming up with the idea of designing a handy sized notebook that was different from those currently available.
A very dear friend and mentor, who is an exceptional designer himself, helped in creating its down-to-earth look and feel. My Doodle memopad is a little book with a lot of charm and attitude. It is a no-frills memopad of 64 pages. Simple, direct, business-like. Its slightly flecked, unprocessed-looking brown Kraftboard cover gives it a rugged, durable aesthetic look that ages well. With a price tag of Rs 50, the product’s popularity is growing by the day, I am happy to say.
The journey was not an easy one. Like with any venture that is small and not run of the mill, it made people snigger behind my back. But some immediately saw the need it would fill. They went out of their way to encourage me. And I am eternally grateful for that.
Born and brought up in Hyderabad, I went to HPS, then SHMS, Montreaux to study hospitality. I couldn’t fit into a straitjacket profession of working to please guests. I came back to India and in January this year, started my firm called Glukel — which means good fortune in Yiddish. My aim is to bring into existence products you wish existed, meeting needs in ways you think are interesting.  I named my brand made in Hyd because I wanted people in the city to relate to it.
I come from an old Hyderabadi family. My parents are over-protective but have the sense to let me find my own feet. They also nurtured a healthy outlook in me to respect people for their values rather than their wealth. Their support for what I am doing is unconditional. I am very committed to turning every moment into a growth experience. What I am can be summed up in just four words — do what you love. And you will be amazed with what life gives you back.
The book’s  small size allows easy carrying, in the pocket of your shirt or jeans, or in a jacket or travel bag.
It can also be used as a personal journal or diary.  Today’s generation calls such a thing a blog. While it’s a wonder if anyone knows cursive writing anymore, we are certain that a surprising number of young people will subscribe to the old world act of writing things down.
It is made from 80 gsm maplitho paper that is recycled, free of acid and is produced in an environment friendly way. This does not bleed through when written on with a fountain or a sketch pen. The paper density can be customised, depending on your preference. The cover is 280 gsm beige kraftboard. The cover can be in other colours — a minimum order of 500 units is required to have the colour of your choice.
These memopads normally come with plain pages or you can have rules, grid dots or squares which cost a little more. Alternatively, the pages can be customised to follow a template but come at an additional cost. The cover can also have a company logo printed if so desired. Clients who have ordered customised notebooks include Aparna Constructions, TMC, Deep Woods Landscaping etc. It is currently available at Truffles Café in Jubilee Hills and at Deccan Pen stores.

For trade enquiries, contact Abinav at

Photographs by Sucharitha Rao

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