Dominic Wesley

Posted by Lakshmi Ramakrishna
April 26, 2014

DominicSamahaara presents Anjali Parvati Koda’s Dominic Wesley, a play in English, directed by Rathna Shekar Reddy.

The play: Wesley met us the other day and was like Yo Man What’s been up and Dominic being Dominic goes “Surf, Tide, Heads” LOLMAX. You didn’t get that, did you? You are such a Wesley. (If you got it, you are probably Dominic, and that’s more bad news now, isn’t it, you poor dear, you poor, poor dear).

Wesley participated in a karaoke competition recently and lost to a terrific rendition of “I will survive” by Dominic, who unfortunately, we hear, was murdered the very next day. So…she sells sea shells by the sea shore she sells sea shells….

Listen, the above spoiler was posted by an intern. Will you come and watch the entire awesomeness though?

A critic says that the play is well-written and directed with all the actors doing justice to their roles. The repartees between Dominic (the artist) and Wesley (the realist), keep the audience in splits. Filled with self-mocking humor, this play holds the audience attention till the very end.

Date: April 26

Time: 7:30 PM

Venue: Lamakaan, Road No. 1 Banjara Hills

The play will also be staged on Sunday April 27th.

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