Divine Manifestation enthralls audiences

Posted by Lakshmi Ramakrishna
October 7, 2013

Renowned danseuse, Padmashri and Sangeet Natak Akademi  awardee Dr Ananda Shankar Jayant  showcased her latest ensemble production ,  ‘SRI –  The Goddess Within’ at Ravindra Bharathi. The dance production was premiered on the first day of Dasara celebrations which captured the essence of the Divine Feminine portraying her Infinity, in myriad forms and moods. The Bharatanatyam projection by the dancers with its élan and sparkle evoked enthusiastic audience response.
As we make an offering this  Dasara season, to the Omniscient, Omnipresent, Devi, The  Eternal Sri – The Goddess Within, through the idiom of  poetry, verse, melody and rhythm of timeless  music, and architectonic beauty and grammar of Bharatanatyam, the performance brought life to our  revered , and  cultural inheritance. Energetic and assertive with her footwork, Ananda and her disciples showed mastery over the skill in Bharatnatyam. It was a true personification of aesthetics, the arithmetic was accurate and the abhinaya was accordingly activated as per the demands of the composition.  A discerning eye could sense this self-discipline thwarting the emotion. The music and soundscape for this production was by IV Renukaprasad and Swetha Prasad, and was performed by an ensemble cast of 35 members. Right from the beginning, the dancers showed attention to technical details, never missing the talam even by a split second.
On the performance, Dr. Ananda Shankara Jayant said “Growing up in South India, the onset of the ten day Dasara celebrations in worship of the Mother Goddess, has meant festivity, fervor, learning, and rededication to the Divine Feminine. Learning and reciting shlokas, decorating our home with Kolams, Rangolis  and flowers, sharing our art and food with friends and family, at the Kolu , marked the festivity of the Dasara celebrations. Verse and song learnt as a young child, have stayed with me, and have been my reservoir of  strength  during times of stress and challenge. Over the years, The Mother Goddess, in her various forms , has been a dear friend,  a beloved sister, an adored Mother, and a venerated Guru. She has stayed with me through all the highs and lows of my life”
His Excellency ESL Narasimhan, The Hon’ble Governor of Andhra Pradesh and The First Lady Smt Vimala Narasimhan graced the occasion with their esteemed presence.

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