Audience Mesmerised

Posted by Channel 6
August 9, 2012

Anandapriya Foundation presented an enthralling Vilasini recital by Yashoda Thakore at the Telugu University Auditorium in the city on Wednesday. A number of classical dance lovers attended the programme.
Yoshoda started the performance with a traditional invocation Nandi Slokas, Vinayaka Prarthana
in ragam Mohanakalyani. This prayer was learnt directly by Padmabhushan Swapnasundari from her Guru and accomplished Devadasi Maddula Lakshminarayana. She mesmerised the audience with a Varnam composed by Ummidishetty Venkatasamy Naidu in ragam Malayamarutam. The heroine addresses Gunturi Pureesa and laments that Manmadha,the God of Love torments her.
Coming next was a ‘Company Javali’ in ragam Sankarabharanam. The name, ‘Company Javali,’ is one of those that the traditional dancers performed for the British with the tune is modified to suit their tastes. In this particular one the heroine pleads with her friend to go and bring her Lord, the Vaasudeva of Maanepalli to her.
The javali ends with a spurt of pure dance for a violin tune. This was called the Gaptu varusa. The Padam in ragam Mohanam was the highlight of the evening. The complex Abhinaya of the Telugu Devadasis is widely known. They performed the Mezuvani or chamber performance where she would pick a padam and weave abhinaya to it for hours together. Parijatam, a Ragamalika and Talamalika the oldest dance opera of the temple dancers of Telugu land, gave a fitting finale to the evening. Satyabhama introduces herself and explains to her friend Madhavi, the reason for her estrangement from Lord Krishna – she was too respectful towards him and didn’t hit him with her braid when he asked her to!

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