Posted by Maya Nelluri
May 15, 2014

The Airpod claims to be the future of transport.  Its technology is simple, durable, efficient and ecological.  With three wheels, a joy stick to manoeuvre, next to minimal pollution since it runs on air, the Airpod is certainly the next generation in terms of travel technology.  And the cheap rates of purchase and use do not hurt either. It costs 7,000 Euros and 50 cents to drive per km, with 80km/hr being its highest speed.  In the South of France a father-son duo have created this machine.  Air is compressed and used to power the vehicle.  Trams in France have used a similar technology earlier.  Tata, an Indian manufacturer has already expressed interest in the technology.  Many other companies from countries across the world have also met the duo.  Of course it remains to be seen how the big car manufacturing companies will react to such brilliant competition.


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